Cheese Vat

BERTSCH flagship system

Thanks to its design and high technology for operation, you will obtain world-class products with our Cheese Vat.

Its cutting system ensures a delicate treatment with the curd while its configuration allows a quick and complete emptying.

The automatic control panel, as well as its five CIP cleaning points, ensure optimal and hygienic operation for all your products.

Cheese Press System

All-in-one equipment.
Its highly efficient and hygienic design molds and presses the cheese, as well as does the cleaning and storing of molds in the same equipment.

It is a closed system that prevents the spillage of serum and the transportation of molds in different areas of the facilities, thus opening the door to increase production in a modular and functional way.


It is ideal for a wide variety of cheeses (hard and semi-hard).

Efficient operation and washing

Thanks to the CIP washing and the deposit for molds integrated into the press, cleaning is optimized and done easier through your process and facilities.

Cheese salting system

Efficient and modern technology

High level of automation that optimizes your processes and production.


Thanks to the batch operation you can increase the quality and control of your products.

Optimal conditioning

Its different level control systems, cooling, recirculation and filtration systems ensure the ideal medium for salting your products.