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Cámara de estabilidad Pharma 280

Pharma stability chambers

Weiss Technik Pharma cameras are specifically designed to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical testing laboratories. Available in 4 sizes: Pharma 280, Pharma 600, Pharma 1300 and Pharma 2000.

They meet the requirements of the ICH Q1A Guide and have high precision controlling temperature and relative humidity, thanks to its robust controller.

Photostability cameras

Pharma 250-L and Pharma 500-L photostability cameras from WesissTechnik and Vötschtechnik are characterized by a perfect distribution of white light, UV, temperature and relative humidity which guarantees the reproducibility of white light, UV and environmental conditions. The lighting systems used comply with the ICH Q1B option 2 Guide and enable the performance of photostability tests in less than 100 hours.

Cámaras de fotoestabilidad Pharma 500-L
Cuarto de estabilidad transitable WK

Stability rooms

WeissTechnik stability rooms are qualifiable and designed specifically for your needs. Where necessary, insulated panels can be optimized to their structure due to their great adaptability. The desirable height is 2700 mm; however some adjustment is feasible.

Control and monitoring of temperature and relative humidity through Simpati® software.